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Alliance for National & Community Resilience Awards First Resilience Designation to Martinsville, Virginia

The Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR) issued its first community resilience designation to Martinsville, Virginia, at a meeting of the City Council held on July 27, 2021. The city was awarded an Essential designation for its building-related activities and an Enhanced designation for its housing-related initiatives.

Martinsville, VA Passes Resolution Affirming Commitment to Resilience

At its April 25th meeting, the Martinsville, Virginia City Council unanimously passed a resolution outlining its commitments to community resilience and the role of ANCR in achieving its goals.

Martinsville, Virginia City Council Receives Update on Community Resilience Benchmark Pilot

The Martinsville Bulletin reports on ANCR's presentation to the Martinsville Mayor and City Council on the effort underway to pilot the Community Resilience Benchmarks developed by the Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR).

ANCR Director Joins Resilience Leaders in Offering Recommendations for the First 100 Days

As Climate, Health and Economic Threats Mount for US Communities, Practitioners across the United States Offer an Agenda for Building a Resilient Nation Washington, DC – A set of 10 recommended federal actions the Biden administration can take in the first 100 days of...

ANCR Reviews Lessons & Accomplishments from 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. However, it has produced some valuable lessons in our pursuit of resilient communities.