Community Resilience Benchmarks® (CRB™)

All communities carry out the same essential functions; what differentiates them is the manner and effectiveness with which these functions are performed. Community Resilience Benchmarks® (CRB™ Benchmarks) allow cities to evaluate their resilience within and across these functions and chart a path towards increased resilience.

CRB™ Benchmarks are developed through a robust consensus-based process, engaging subject matter experts. Learn more about the development process. Let us know if you want to participate in Benchmark development.

Communities are invited to review the CRB™ Benchmarks and provide feedback to ANCR™. ANCR is also seeking Pilot Communities.

CRB™ Benchmark: Buildings

The Buildings Benchmark covers all occupiable structures in a community including new and existing buildings and both residential and commercial. Buildings are a key link in the community chain, providing support services to other functions.

Download the CRB Benchmark: Buildings

CRB™ Benchmark: Housing

The availability of and access to housing, before, during and after a disaster allows a community to support not only the shelter of its residents, but also businesses, education, healthcare and culture. The Housing Benchmark focuses on the provision of housing to meet the community’s needs when it most needs them.

Download the CRB Benchmark: Housing

CRB™ Benchmark: Water

Water infrastructure is essential for delivering potable water, treating wastewater and managing stormwater. This benchmark focuses on the importance of a holistic approach to water management and infrastructure in a community, recognizing that responsible parties may vary widely.

Download the CRB Benchmark: Water