Resilience Relies on You.

 Support our efforts to make a difference. We’re always looking for:

  • Communities interested in resilience solutions or to share the lessons that they’ve learned
  • Business leaders that are looking for ways to make more informed decisions
  • Professionals interested in sharing their expertise
  • Funders looking to help us achieve our mission 

Please join our resilience community. 

We’re building these tools for you. Try them out and become an ANCR™ Community. 

ANCR Communities have recognized the importance of resilience to their residents and businesses and are working with ANCR to recognize the efforts already made and identify opportunities to further improve. Join us in piloting Community Resilience Benchmarks, we’ll work with you to get started. 

Show your Resilience Leadership  

Corporations, trade groups, advocacy organizations and other stakeholders financially support ANCR for a variety of reasons—demonstrating leadership, supporting the communities they serve and achieving corporate social responsibility goals. Join us as a sponsor. Your donations to ANCR support disaster preparedness through benchmark development and community pilots. Learn More about the benefits of sponsorship. 

Platinum (≥$25,000)

ANCR’s Platinum sponsors receive widespread recognition for their resilience leadership and the contributions they make to advancing community resilience through ANCR. Benefits include recognition across ANCR publications.

Gold (≥$10,000)

ANCR’s Gold sponsors are recognized annually for their leadership in advancing community resilience. 

Silver (≥$5,000)

ANCR’s Silver sponsors help ANCR provide communities with valuable tools and are recognized for their contributions. 

Participate in Community Resilience Benchmark development as a subject matter expert. 

The requirements for each community function are developed through a consensus process engaging subject matter experts. Your expertise and experience can help inform the content of future benchmarks, leading to improved communities. Join us in developing future benchmarks. 

Express support for Community Resilience Benchmarks™ 

 Achieving community resilience requires the engagement of numerous disciplines. Non-profit organizations wishing to engage with ANCR and support our mission are invited to become ANCR Supporters. Join us as an ANCR Supporter.